You may be familiar with the wheel of fortune in casinos, the one where you spin to win money. There is also a TV show called Wheel of Fortune where, as well as spinning a wheel, contestants have to guess words on a board with letters that are gradually revealed. It is a like a countdown and casino wheel of fortune mash up.

Of course under the studio lights, the pressure is on and this causes people to give incorrect answers, some of them being embarrassing and funny. These Wheel of Fortune fails will make sure you stick to online casino games, rather than risking putting on an embarrassing display like these poor contestants.


Contestant Julian, a student at Indiana University, lost his chance at winning $1 million, as well as a car in 2014 after he managed to bungle three separate puzzles in an embarrassing fashion. Firstly, the poor guy can be forgiven for mispronouncing ‘Achilles’ it isn’t the easiest word unless you are familiar with Greek mythology but then to get another wrong and then again in a truly spectacular way. After being presented with the following ‘_N-TH_-SP_T D_C_S__N’ his answer was ‘ON-THE-SPOT DICE SPIN’, ever heard of it? Us neither! The actual answer was of course ‘ON-THE-SPOT DECISION’. Strangely enough, Julian actually went on to win the game.

A Lesser Known 8th Dwarf

You never think those years spent watching animated movies would come in handy, well, we bet this one female contestant wishes she had watched them a little harder. The answer was basically on the board, all seven dwarves but when reeling off their names she makes one vital mistake, she says ‘Sneeky’ instead of ‘Sneezy’ there may have been a lesser known 8th dwarf that Disney failed to mention called ‘sneeky’, but that isn’t the answer they were looking for, costing this contestant a fair amount of money.


Once you have an idea in your head it is hard to think of anything else. That is what happened with contestant Zach in 2013. After an amazing consonant selection the answer was there on the board, it reading ‘MAG_C _AND’, however, poor Zach was fixated on the ‘and’ sound and therefore could not escape words that ended in that sound, only to guess the correct answer ‘MAGIC WAND’ when time had already run out.

Booze on the Brain

A very nervous sounding female contestant had drink on the brain during her turn at ‘Wheel of Fortune’, with just two letters left to guess this young woman decided that ‘BOOZING MY SHORE EXCURSION’ made perfect sense and went for it, unfortunately and quite obviously, that isn’t a real thing, much to her disappointment. Her fellow contestant went on to reveal the correct answer, ‘BOOKING MY SHORE EXCURSION’.

Spider starts with a ‘w’

There is nothing worse that shouting the wrong answer with such conviction, well this is exactly what happened to this poor couple during their turn on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in 2012. The board was set up and the answer in plain sight, however, although the 3rd word started with a ‘W’ and had a ‘N’ in the middle, it did not stop this guy from guessing ‘SUPERMAN AND SPIDER WOMAN’. Quickly realising his mistake he said ‘Wonder Woman’ but it was too late. This was either a bad slip of the tongue or proof that this guy really needs to wear glasses.

Girls, Moms, Group… Oh My!

Three is not the magic number, well not in this case anyway. Three contestants managed to get a simple puzzle wrong on the Toss Up portion of the game in 2013. The Toss Up round, for anyone who doesn’t know, is where the letter reveal themselves and the contestants need to buzz in to guess the answer. Jason starts by guessing ‘GIRL SCOUT GIRLS’, Rebecca then guesses ‘GIRL SCOUT MOMS’ and finally Jessica finished the hat trick of bad answers by guessing ‘GIRL SCOUT GROUP’ all forgetting that in America it is referred to as a Girl Scout Troop.

And a Win…

A young man called Emile proved in 2014 that luck really was on his side. After making it to the final of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ he guessed four incorrect letters and with just an N and an E on the board things didn’t look good. Then a gaming miracle happened. Emile spouted a random phrase in a bid to find the correct answer in the ten seconds he had on the clock and the first one he said just happened to be correct, ‘NEW BABY BUGGY’.

By Kent