Everybody likes parties. Of course, there are exceptions, as introverts try to avoid noisy and crowded places. But those who are open to everything new and want to have fun with their friends adore going to parties. But what if you have to organize a party of your own? What to invent to entertain your friends and make your party a never-to-be-forgotten one? The solutions can be different, but today I want to give you some hints how to make your house a casino room for one night.

Most people declare that gamblers are reckless spenders who burn their savings, but who said that when you play casino games, you have to bet a lot or bet money? For a home party you can choose symbolic currency, which can be later exchanged for something tasty or small presents.

Casino parties

Casino Play Party: Getting Ready

Start with the idea. You have to decide how to decorate your room, which games you are going to play, define the size and the form of the entrance fee (if there is any), order roulette tables, poker sets, etc and ask your friends to be croupiers. You can choose the dealers beforehand or at the very party by drawing papers with numbers, etc. I’d advise you to choose the croupiers beforehand, as they have to know the rules of the games perfectly and to be able to explain them to the others. If you decide to play one game only, you can be the dealer yourself. Another perfect variant is to play poker. This game has simple roles and doesn’t require a dealer (the dealer button passes from player to player, so all the players have a chance to be a dealer during the session).

Send out the invitations. You can make cards or send animated e-mails. Rely on your imagination here. You can also ask everyone to wear special clothes and attach the list of the gaming sessions, games available, etc.

Don’t forget about the snacks and drinks. It’s better to have a buffet, as the guests will be glued to the casino tables and will chose not to interrupt the game to have a snack.

Don’t forget about other entertainments. Some of the guest may be tired and willing to have a change, so make sure they won’t have a tedious time. Organize a small club room of your own or a rest room where they can watch TV and relax. Swimming-pool is a perfect way out (if you have the one, of course).

After such a home party you can choose to go and play casino games in a real casino or organize an online tournament among your friends.

By Kent