How to Play Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is one of the oldest and most famous Video Poker games, extremely popular with casual casino players and low-bettors, as it’s played with small coins mainly. I’ve chosen Deuces Wild game to demonstrate the main principles and the rules of this casino game. At the online casino where I play, this game has a design with red background and tongues of fire skittered all over it. It lets us hope that the game will be hot. So, let’s proceed.

Deuces Wild

We’ll start with the most important Deuces Wild rules. The name of the game speaks for itself, so the first thing we have to remember is that the deuces replaces any card in this Video Poker game. All the other rules are the same as in any other Video Poker games – you have to gain a 5-card winning combination in hand. You may hold and replace the cards to get the hand value you want. You can play 4 hands maximum.

If you win the round, you may try one of the playing options, specific to Deuces Wild Video Poker. You may “collect” (just take your winning and go to the next round) or “double”. If you choose to double, then you have 5 open cards and the dealer has 1 open and 4 closed cards. You have to choose one of the closed cards and open it, and then it becomes yours. If the card you’ve opened can beat that of the dealer’s, you may have the double winning of the round or continue to double. If your card value is smaller than that of the dealers, you lose this round and your original bet as well.

You may choose a “half double”. In this case you wager only a half of your winning. The other one will be retained even if you lose. The most common winning combination here is “3 of the kind”, but it doesn’t pay off good, so I advise you to read some of the Deuces Wild strategies and playing guides to win more essential sums.