If you’re an online gambler, be sure to check out online slots on popular UK slot sites like these. Just like in a “real” casino, you can find online slots that are exciting and tailored to whatever interests you have. If you walk a casino floor you’re sure to see a huge number of slots. Some are focused on entertainers, some on racing, some on boating, some on golf…the topics are endless. The same goes for online casinos. Developers have seen the popularity of slots in brick and mortar casinos and created online versions with the same intent—to cater to the preferences of potential players in an effort to create loyal customers.

Online there is the same variety of slots games available in real casinos. For novice players there are the 3-reel games and for seasoned players there are more intricate 5-reel games. The higher the number of reels, normally, the higher the bonus features and progressive slots possibilities. Some slots players don’t care and prefer playing on the smaller 3-reeled slots however. Again, it just depends on your preference.

A lot of websites offering online slots use online browser-based platforms. Research found that many people don’t like downloading software to their computers, but rather prefer instant play. This is why browser-based platforms are so handy. You may have to download a plug-in to play the game, but it’s a universal third-party download and not software that needs to be run to install. These websites opt to use software like Flash by Macromedia and Java to bring you casino games.

Just like with in-house slots games, with “virtual” slots games you spin by pulling the handle. Whatever your spin brings on the reels, is what you’ve won or lost. Online gaming is just like a real slots game in that it’s all based on chance and luck. There isn’t a whole lot of logic or skill to the game because of that. However, many people still spend hours at a “real” casino’s slots area and many online users do the same.  It’s easy to get addicted to the great visuals, good payouts and casino-like atmosphere. Try your hand at virtual slots or online slots and see if you like it. It’s similar to “real” play but you can do it from the comfort of your own couch.

By Kent