AC Coin and Slot

AC Coin and Slot got its start in the casino industry in 1978, and has been going strong since day one. At this time, the company has more than 300 employees. This is a far cry from the early days when the company’s owner worked out of his home. With their home office in New Jersey, AC Coin and Slot is in close proximity to Atlantic City. As you can imagine, this has gone a long way in making the company so successful over the years.

In the early 1980’s, AC Coin and Slot caught its big break when they signed a distribution deal with International Game Technology. The two companies still work together today, and AC Coin and Slot has had great success marketing machines such as the popular Slotto and other five-reel slots.

In the 1990’s, AC Coin and Slot decided to expand its operations by opening offices in other parts of the country. This included offices in California, Florida, and of course, Las Vegas. At this time, the company also has offices in Colorado, Mississippi, Indiana, and Iowa. Additionally, they have an office in Puerto Rico in order to suit the needs of the up and coming mobile casino industry in the Caribbean.

AC Coin and Slot offers a wide range of slot machines. With such a large list of machines, it makes it easy for the company to attract new business while also taking care of those that they have worked with for years on end. Although there was a time when AC Coin and Slot was nothing more than a distributor for International Game Technology, they have since branched out and have had years of success on their own. They do not however offer online casino software.

Aristocrat Slots Manufacturer

Aristocrat Gaming is a huge slot machine manufacturer in Australia. In fact, approximately 90 percent of the games in the country are produced by Aristocrat. Although the company has been achieving a lot of success as of late, this did not just start a few years ago. Aristocrat has been manufacturing slot machines for more than 60 years. As you can imagine, they have become a mainstay in the casino industry in this ever growing country.

Although Aristocrat will always be a popular manufacturer in the land down under, they have made some headway in other areas of the world as well. As of late, the company has been breaking into the casino industry in both Europe as well as the United States. With the company expanding its reach, it is safe to say that they will have more resources than ever before which will surely result in increased profits and visibility.

Aristocrat Slots has been in business since 1953, but it was not until the year 2000 that they finally made their way into the United States. At that time, the company was licensed to sell in the states, and has been achieving success in this area since day one. During this same year, Aristocrat also became fully licensed to sell their machines in Japan. As you can see, the company is doing anything but sitting back and letting the competition pass them by.

Aristocrat is responsible for some of the most popular slot machines in the world. Some of their best sellers include Queen of the Nile, Dolphin Treasure, 50 Lions, Lady Luck, ReelPower, Penguin Pays, and Enchanted Forest among many others.

As you can see, Aristocrat slots are very popular in Australia but are now making their way into other large markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Aruze Corporation Slots Manufacturer

Aruze Corporation is a slots manufacturer that has been doing business since 1969. Although the company faces off against extreme competition within the casino industry, they have done a great job holding their own over the years. As long as Aruze Corporation continues to offer high quality products that are unique, it is safe to say that they will appeal to a large number of casinos.

One of the main reasons for the success of Aruze Corporation is the many offices that the company operates. In Japan alone, the company has 26 offices including those in large cities such as Tokyo, Nagano, Osaka, and Mito among many others. Additionally, Aruze Corporation also has subsidiaries setup in other parts of the world. They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada; Sydney, Australia and Kyalami, South Africa. With offices in different parts of the world, Aruze Corporation has an easier time expanding and offering its games to an international marketplace.

Some of the most popular games offered by Aruze Corporation include The Lamp of Aladdin, Captain’s Fortune, Wild Bones, Sea Paradise, Island Oasis, Jolly Roger Riches, Golden Temple, Black Cat, Dragon’s Fortune, Egyptian Riches, Paris, and Carnival Dreams among many others.

Aruze Corporation has been expanding its business for nearly 40 years. By offering unique products through offices all over the world, the company has set itself up for many more years of success.

Atronic Slots Manufacturer

Atronic is one of the most well known slot machine manufacturers in the world. In fact, this company sells casino games to operators in nearly 100 countries. As you can imagine, this is a reach that many other companies only dream about. By selling slot machines to casinos all over the world, Atronic has become quite popular among players.

Atronic got its start in 1993 in Luebbecke, Germany. Although the company started by offering slot machines in and around its home base, this did not last very long. Soon enough, Atronic was branching out and making contacts in many other parts of the world. There are not too many slot machine manufacturers that have expanded more rapidly than Atronic. Since opening for business, the company has grown to more than 800 employees. Where do they all work, you may ask? Well, Atronic has offices in areas including United States, Russia, Europe, South America, Australia, and Central America. By having offices in many different countries, Atronic has found it much easier to expand and target geographical areas.

In the United States alone, the company sells its games to operators in 24 states. To go along with this, Atronic also deals with approximately 150 Native American casinos. As you can see, they do plenty of business in the United States; and this is only one of their markets. But they don’t dabble in the online slots market as of yet.

Atronic offers a large variety of well known slot machines including Grand Master, Big Boys Toys, Bamboo Forest, Tiger and Dragon, Magic Woods, Fool’s Fortune, Money Island, and Money Magnet among many others.

As you can see, Atronic has been manufacturing and selling slot machines all over the world for more than 15 years. Although the company is faced with a lot of competition, they are still thriving by offering unique, quality products.

Ballys Slots Manufacturer

Bally Gaming is based in the United States, and has become one of the top manufactures of slot machines and other casino related items. Over the years, this company has had many different names, but it appears that they have finally settled on Bally Technologies, Incorporated. In addition to gaming manufacturing, Bally has also been involved in many other industries such as amusement parks and fitness equipment. With that being said, the company has definitely made a dent in the slots industry.

Bally Gaming is one of the oldest companies of its type. Founded in 1932, Bally Gaming has been going strong since day one. Early on, the company focused mainly on manufacturing pinball machines. As these games became less and less popular, the company decided to move into other areas such as slot machines. In the last 1930’s, Bally Gaming first got involved with slot machines. These early machines were nothing like they are today, but Bally’s was one of the first manufacturers of these games.

By the 1960’s, Bally Gaming was dealing mainly in the United States. In fact, they were selling 90 percent of the slot machines that they manufactured to casinos in the US. With that being said, the company has expanded a bit outside of the US; but not nearly as much as many other slot manufacturers.

Over the years, Bally Gaming has produced some of the most well known slot machines in the world. Some of the top titles from Bally Gaming include Saturday Night Live Slots, Playboy Slots, The Lone Ranger Frenzy, Pamela Anderson Slots, Diamond Line, and Blazing 7’s among many others. As you can see, Bally Gaming has brought some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to slot machines.

All in all, Ballys is a well known slots manufacturer that has been achieving success in this industry as well as many others over the years.

Cherry Master Slots Manufacturer

Cherry Master slot machines have become very popular in many locations all over the country. In fact, these slots are just as popular in restaurants and bars as they are in casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. As you can see, Cherry Master focuses on a market that is a bit different than many other slots manufacturers. While they do work with some casinos, they also supply machines to smaller establishments as well. This is one feature that sets Cherry Master slots apart from the competition.

The most popular market for Cherry Master slot machines are smaller establishments, as mentioned above, such as restaurants and bars. Although these are not legal in all states, many of them do allow these types of establishments to offer slot machine gambling. Thanks to reasonable prices and lots of options, Cherry Master has done a great job attracting many clients within this niche. Although it appears that this market may be slowing down a bit, Cherry Master will always be able to tap into new establishments that are hoping to add slot machines to draw in a larger client base, and/or to keep visitors occupied and having a good time.

All in all, Cherry Master slots are not as popular as those manufactured by some of their competitors. With that being said, the company has done a nice job carving out a niche and making sure that their name is highly thought of within the industry.

IGT Slots – International Game Technology Slots Manufacturer

International Game Technology manufacturers a large number of video poker and slot machines. In fact, the company has become the largest such manufacturer in the United States. With all of this attention, International Game Technology has yet to slow down and is still moving forward with new designs and ideas.

Like every manufacturer in the industry, International Game Technology started small. In 1981, the company was formed and they quickly began to make waves. They were the first company to move from mechanical slots to those that are powered by random number generators. As you can imagine, this switch is one that changed the slot machine industry forever.

Of course, adding a random number generator is not the only thing that the company has done. In 1986, International Game Technology once again took the industry by storm by releasing Megabucks, the first progressive slot machine. This game brought a new dimension to casinos all over the country. With progressive slots, jackpots grew to new heights which in turn attracted more and more players.

Over the years, International Game Technology has created many of the most well known American slot machines. Some of the best include Wheel of Fortune Slots, Jeopardy, The Price is Right, Family Feud, I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeannie, and The Beverly Hillbillies among many others. As you can see, International Game Technology has a good hold on slot machines that are based on popular game and television shows.

International Game Technology has achieved so much success for many reasons. Although they manufacturer great games, they also have one of the top marketing departments in the business. To go along with this, they are always on the lookout to purchase rival companies that can help them grow.

International Game Technology is the largest slots manufacturer in the United States, and it will take a lot for another company to overtake this top spot.

Konami Slots Manufacturer

If you are a true gamer, you are probably well aware of the Konami name. This company has been a mainstay in the gaming and arcade industries for many years, and this is not going to change anytime in the near future. Many people are surprised to find out that this company manufacturers much more than arcade and video games. More specifically, Konami is involved in the casino industry. By getting involved with the design and manufacturing of slot machines, Konami has been able to greatly increase their reach and profits.

When arcade games began to lose steam in the 1990’s, Konami decided that it was time to take the company in a different direction. It was at this point that they started to consider the benefits of joining the slot machine industry. Since the 1970’s, Konami has been involved with the United States gaming industry in one way or the next.

Konami got its start in Japan in 1969. As noted earlier, the company gained early fame by becoming greatly involved with video and arcade games. In fact, Konami is still the fourth largest video game manufacturer in Japan. In 1985, the company got involved with Nintendo, and this alone did wonders for its reputation.

Konami’s gaming headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This alone goes a long way in showing how devoted the company is to succeeding in the casino industry. Over the past few years, Konami has released some of most popular slot machines in the world. They include Rocky Slots, Solstice Gold, Money in the Bank, Atlantic Treasure, African Treasure, Cash Inferno, Aloha Gold, Billionaires, and Big Payoff among many others.

Although Konami started as an arcade game manufacturer, the company has grown in many directions since then. As of late, they have definitely made themselves known throughout the casino and gaming industry.

Mikohn Slots Manufacturer

Although Mikohn Gaming has recently been purchased by Progressive Gaming International, its past success in this industry is undeniable. And of course, by purchasing Mikohn, Progressive Gaming has put themselves in a much better chance to compete with other industry players in the years to come.

Over the years, Mikohn became well known for its long list of slot machines. More specifically, there slot machines were derived from popular board games. This alone went a long way in brining a lot of attention to the company. After all, players loved these slots because they were already familiar with the board game version.

Another benefit of Mikohn slots was the bonus games that were offered. Unlike other slot machines, bonuses from Mikohn were based on skill. In other words, players have the chance to control how much they win with the bonus. For many, this is much better than relying on the slot machine itself.

Some of the most popular Mikohn slot machines include Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Battleship, Yahtzee, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and Garfield among many others. With names like these, it is easy to see why players are interested in playing these machines.

Progressive Gaming definitely made a good choice when they decided to purchase Mikohn. With a lot of competition in the slots industry, every manufacturer has to do what they can to rise above. By purchasing Mikohn, Progressive Gaming added a large list of slot machines with a lot of name recognition as well as many other benefits.

Mills Novelty Company Slots Manufacturer

During the early to mid 1900’s, the Mills Novelty Company was one of the leading manufactures of slot machines in the United States. Additionally, the company also dabbled in other markets including jukeboxes and vending machines. Although Mills Novelty Company is no longer involved in the slot machine industry today, they will always be remembered as one of the earliest players. In fact, the advances made by this company went a long way in shaping slot machines as time moved forward.

In the 1950’s, Mills Novelty Company took a big hit when the United States passed bills that made it illegal for slot machines to be located on federal property. Additionally, the bill also stated that shipment between states was also against the law. With the company based in Chicago, Illinois, even more problems came to the forefront. At this time, the only states that were legally allowed to have slot machines were Maryland, Montana, and Nevada.

Collectors who are interested in antique slot machines have a soft spot for those manufactured by Mills Novelty Company. They were known as some of the best machines of the early 1900’s, and collectors still spend a lot of time and money chasing them down. These machines were long before the days of modern technology and random number generators.

Although Mills Novelty Company is still around today, the company is no longer involved with the manufacturing of slot machines. With that being said, Mills Novelty Company will always be remembered for their contributions to the gaming industry.

OD Jennings Slots Manufacturer

At one time, OD Jennings and Company was one of the largest slot machine manufacturers in the world. Although this is no longer the case, the industry will always remember the effects that the OD Jennings had on it. In addition to slot machines, the company also manufactured other coin operated units such as pinball machines.

During the early 1960’s, OD Jennings and Company were in their prime as far as slot machine sales were concerned. At this time, there were five major players in the slot machine industry. Although there was fierce competition at the time, OD Jennings was responsible for 40 percent of all slot machines in the United States during this time. They were followed by Mills Bell-O-Matic Corp., Ace Manufacturing Co., Buckley Manufacturing Co., and Las Vegas Coin Machine Co. Despite all of the competition, OD Jennings did a great job staying on top for several years thanks to their technology and list of machines.

After several years at the top, OD Jennings was acquired by American Machine and Science Company. Around the same time, American Machine and Science Company also decided to purchase Mills Bell-O-Matic Corp. The two companies were merged, and with that, American Machine and Science Company had a firm grip on the slot machine manufacturing industry.

OD Jennings and Company was one of the earliest and most successful companies to get involved with slot machine manufacturing. Although the company was not around in its original form when advanced technology came into play, they were definitely ahead of the times (and competition) during the early years.

Sigma Slots Manufacturer

Sigma Gaming was founded in Japan during the 1980’s. Since that time, the company has become a well known entity within the slot machine industry. Despite all of the competition, Sigma has done a great job staying on top by releasing games that people want to play. Of course, being well known for its technical innovation does not hurt the company either. After all, slot machines have a lot of technology attached to them; and Sigma is always looking for a way to take things to the next level.

The goal of Sigma Gaming is to manufacture games that are “player friendly.” In other words, they want to make sure that the end user is having a good time when playing their machines. Because of this, Sigma Gaming customers are quite loyal and always come back for more time and time again.

Sigma Gaming has released many popular slot machines over the years. They include The Game of Life, Treasure Wheel, Treasure Tunnel, Big Mouth Bass, Big Top Circus, Where’s Henry, Easy Riches, PBR, Full of Sheep, Lucky 13, Smoking 7’s, Wild Patriot, Double Cherries, Double Jokers Wild, and Jokers Wild among many others. As you can see, Sigma Gaming does not lack when it comes to the number of games that they sell.

Although Sigma Gaming has had financial troubles over the past few years, they are still moving forward. Sigma has been a great player in the slot machine industry since opening for business in the early 1980’s. With a long list of user friendly games, it is safe to say that anything manufactured by Sigma will be a hit with players.

Shuffle Master Slots Manufacturer

In 1982, Shuffle Master was founded by John Breeding. Although he did not have any experience manufacturing casino games, he was a regular at the blackjack tables in Atlantic City. Shuffle Master was not founded to manufacture slot machines, but over time they began to realize that this was one of the best options for growth and potential profits.

Shuffle Master may be most popular for inventing the mechanical card shuffler. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a casino in the United States that is not using a Shuffle Master mechanical card shuffler. But as mentioned above, the company wanted to grow so they eventually realized that they could move into the manufacturing of slot machines as a way to make this happen.

By the late 1990’s, Shuffle Master had finally made the jump into the slot machine industry. While they were not one of the earliest companies to offer these games, they have definitely made their mark over the years. Some of the most popular slot machines by Shuffle Master include The Three Stooges Slots, The Honeymooners Slots, Let’s Make a Deal Slots, and Budweiser Slots among many others. As you can see, Shuffle Master has done a great job with name recognition. After all, who wouldn’t want to drink a Budweiser while playing a Budweiser themed slot machine?

Shuffle Master has been successful in many endeavors over the years. They have always been involved with the casino and gaming industry in some way, and it is safe to say that this will continue as Shuffle Master grows.

WMS Gaming Slots – Williams Gaming Slots Manufacturer

WMS Gaming got its start many years ago by manufacturing pinball machines. As this segment of gaming began to die down, the company started looking for a way to take their business to the next level. Soon enough, they realized that WMS Gaming could make a lot of money by getting involved with the slot machine industry. At this time, WMS Gaming is a publicly traded company on the NYSE; this goes to show you just how much success they have had over the years.

Chances are that you are familiar with one of the many slot machines manufactured by WMS Gaming. In fact, some of their games have become known as the most popular in casinos. They include Clint Eastwood Slots, Monopoly Slots, Match Game, Men in Black, King Midas, Leprechaun’s Gold, Reel ‘Em In, Coot Cat Cash, Road to Riches, and Kaboom among many others.

Since 1972, WMS Gaming has been a major player in the gaming industry. Not only have they had success with slot machines, but before this, they were ruling the pinball machine world as well. As of today, WMS Gaming has enough financial backing to continue forging ahead in a successful manner. Despite the fact that competition is growing, WMS Gaming has never lost momentum.

As long as they continue to manufacture top of the line slot machine, WMS Gaming will always be known as a major player in the gaming industry. It is safe to say that this is what the founders of the company envisioned many years ago.

By Kent