Neteller is a well known online payment method. Thousands of online merchants make use of Neteller daily for the checkout of the order process. Neteller is renowned for its simple process and for the fact that their customers can move the money for lower fees than most other popular e-wallets. Neteller is very popular with people who plays in online casinos. However, what is a Neteller Casino? A Neteller Casino is, above all, a consumer-oriented casino.

Neteller as a payment method for an online casino

Neteller offers the perfect method for paying online in an online casino. When one uses Neteller for his or her deposits in a casino, one can be sure that the payment is safely processed and transmitted via encrypted and well-protected connections. Once there is money in your e-wallet, you are able to transfer it to your online casino account. Due to the positive connotation and good reputation of Neteller, many popular online casinos allow transactions with and via Neteller. Here you can find a list of Neteller Online Casinos.

Neteller in the assortment of online merchants and casinos

Once a casino includes Neteller in the assortment of payment methods, you can use it for making online payments and withdrawals to and from online casinos. Usually, many payment methods are incorporated by different casinos. What makes a “Neteller Casino” is that the casino actually prefers Neteller as a payment method. There are a couple of ways to find out whether a casino prefers the use of Neteller for transactions. Does Neteller clearly show in the online cashier and checkout section?  Is the Neteller logo on the front page of the casino website? Some online casinos even offer bigger bonuses on your deposits if you use Neteller as your payment method.

An online Neteller casino: What is in it for me?

Of course, you would like to start right away with playing in an online Neteller casino. But you should consider a couple of things before you start to play. Does the casino offer an extensive bonus once you make a first time deposit with the help of Neteller? If it does, you can be sure that Neteller offers the best payment solution for that particular website. Next, there are a couple of other relevant things that need your attention before you start to play. These are, among others, security measures taken by the casino and certification of the website by independent organisations. Noteworthy is that the possibility to use Neteller for transactions, already indicates that at least a couple of persons indicated the casino as safe: every website or merchant that files an application, is thoroughly-checked by the Neteller crew.

Safety measures: How does a Neteller Casino protect my personal details?

Once you start to play at a Neteller Casino, you already assume that your personal details are safe and invisible for hackers and digital thieves. There are more precautionary measures available: every Neteller Casino has its own safety and security policy. This policy usually extensively describes what a Neteller Casino does in order to prevent theft of personal details or the hacking of systems. All the safety measures taken by the Neteller Casinos are usually listed in such a policy. It is important to verify that they make at least use of 128-bit encrypted connections. If not, the casino probably is not a safe casino.

Guarantees from third, independent and autonomous parties.

Full security is an illusion. However, there is a lot more you can do, than simply accept that your details are not safe. You could verify whether the casino of your choice holds guarantees and licenses from independent parties. These parties judge a website on their availability of payment methods, on issues regarding security and consumer safety and on several other subjects. The homepage of an online casino usually contains many logos and indications of third parties that the casino meets certain standards and is probably safe.

By Kent